Sonrisas Havanese
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The word mojo at one time meant life force, it was a personís essence or soul. That was why we called our dog Mojo and why I think he is such a perfect symbol for this inquiry.The above pictures were taken of him at the Havanese Club of America's National Specialty in San Francisco. He won the over ten veteran sweepstakes and then competed in agility the next day. Next to Mojo's picture is Tyler who will celebrated his 18th birthday two weeks before Mojo turns 15 in July (2015). Taylor's 1/2 sister is also in this collection of very senior Havanese.

Average life span is seen by many as a good indicator of the general health of a breed and people often ask what the average life span is for a Havanese. I donít have the resources to gather that information but want to recognize and celebrate those Havanese who have reached 15 years of age or older. We hope to see a large percentage of Havanese as part of this demographic and would love to recognize and celebrate those that do.

This part of my website will be dedicated to these special dogs, so if you own one and would like to participate, please send the information requested below, either by email or letter. It is not necessary for your dog to be a champion, or part of any particular breeding program. The owner does not need to be part of a club. The dog must, however, be registered as a Havanese with AKC, CKC or an equivalent registration body in the country of birth or give me the name of the dog's breeder.

1) Registration or the name of your breeder proving your dog is a Havanese. Please including date of birth - scan and email to me. Thanks!

2) Name of dog________________________________________________

3) Don't forget a picture of him/her at age 15 or older.

Click here to see our Seniors past and present