Sonrisas Havanese

What to feed your dog, the eternal dilemma!

We feed our dogs a combinatin of homemade and kibble food. For kibble, our dogs are eating either Orijen or Acana. Both are made by the same company, Champion Pet Foods, here in Canada. I tend to use mostly the fish based kibble since I use a variety of pork, beef and chicken in the food I make for them. All ingredients in this kibble, according to the company's literature, are produced here in Canada. The Orijen is higher in protein, but both can be grain free. A healthy dog has no problem with high protein as long as it is quality protein, but now that Mojo is 16 I feed the lower protein version. Both foods are rated five out of five by the Dog Food Advisor. You can read about the author of the food advisor on the site given below.

This is the grain free version of Acana

This discusses Orijen

Here is the calculator to help you know how much to feed your adult dog

I allow puppies over three months to eat as much as they want for about a 10 minute time frame twice a day. Once a dog is neutered or spayed then it's important to control the amount of food although my Havanese tend not to gain weight or eat too much.

In the evening our dogs are given home cooked meat, usually chicken breasts,thighs or whole chickens and turkey,beef, or pork cooked in a pressure cooker in order to render the bones digestible. The bones are ground up and included with the food. I keep the water and throw in veggies such as carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, sweet potato, and occasionally white potato and sometimes chia seeds. I sometimes throw in a can of sardines, herring or other fish, but not Tuna, or long lived fish since they may contain larger amounts of mercury. Sometimes I add rice, brown or white, quinoa, or oats.

The eggs are cooked separately, mashed then added to the mixture. Even if you can't cook for your dogs please be sure to give them an egg yolk at least two or three times per week and my guys love kale. I keep all the water from the meat and vegetables including the fat from the chicken or turkey. but not beef or pork, because this is a good source of vitamins and nutrients as well. If there's too much liquid then I freeze it for another time.

The eggshells are microwaved for about 2 minutes and then I grind them to a powder with the magic bullet. Egg shells are considered an excellent source of calcium. I then add wild salmon oil, a little cocconut oil, orprimrose oil which is good for their skin and coat.

After their evening meal, I brush their teeth. I clean along the gums with a Q-tip and then brush/wipe their teeth with a cotton swab or toothbrush.

I've tried a variety of things that are suppose to clean the teeth without brushing but so far haven't found anything that does a great job. The single most important thing regarding food is to observe energy level, weight, coat, and general demeanor. If their stools are soft or they have gas, or they are listless, it means the food is not right for them. REMEMBER: It is extremely important to keep your dog very, very slim. My dogs have been eating like this for at least eight years and their blood work, is perfect.