Sonrisas Havanese

House training Your Small Dog

You will have received your puppy training package before taking your puppy home, -- here is Rachelle Buckle's website about Windy Willow Pet Services and the training manual we give out with each puppy. There is additional great information about how to select your pet services. Have a look and click here!

This page will soon be expanded to suit the Havanese puppy, but for now here is a video( Click here ) that will help you get your puppy to love his crate. It also assumes that you know how to clicker train, but this will give you the idea.

Here is a website Crate training that might help as well.

The single most important thing to remember when trying to train a puppy is consistency and routine Also it is extremely important to confine the puppy to a small area where the oder can be cleaned immediately. Never let your puppy run free in carpeted areas. Essentially follow this process:

Puppy is in crate at night.

Puppy is taken out side immediately in the morning and you stay with him. Reward him when he does his business.

Puppy is given breakfast.

Puppy is taken outside and rewarded when he does his business.

Play with puppy - this can include fun training such as shown in the video above or tricks etc.

Puppy goes into crate.

The above steps are repeated three times a day.

Never allow your puppy to roam the house without supervision. It is best to confine the puppy to the kitchen or small area where you can watch him. Remember the puppy has to be taught what is the "den" and what is not. To a small puppy the hallway outside the kitchen is not part of his den. The bedroom down the hall is definitely not his den.