Sonrisas Havanese
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Sonrisas is located in the Toronto, Ontario area, but we have puppies in Europe, New York, Washington state, and Florida. However, we do not ship our puppies, they must be picked up at our home.

On our site we have a wide range of information what to feed a dog, temperament, health issues such as eye health, liver issues , history of the Havanese , and Havanese in agility.

Click here to go to our puppy blog and then use the back arrow to return to our site. Weekly videos and photos allow you to watch our puppies grow, and to keep current with what's happening at Sonrisas Havanese.

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Here is information about the booklet that we hand out with each of our puppies. No matter where you buy your puppy this booklet will be extremely helpful to any new owner:

Windy Willow Training Kit